Meet Our Pastors
Sr. Pastor Pamela Thomas

Pamela Thomas is the Senior Pastor of Living Word Ministries Christian Center located in Miami Gardens, Florida.  Pastor Pam's "teach with simplicity" is the hallmark of her ministry.  God gave Pastor Pam a vision of people being transformed by teaching the Word of God in a simplistic manner, making it applicable to everyday living.  

Pastor Darryl Thomas

Darryl Thomas is a Pastor, poet and author ...  Pastor D is an equipped, seasoned and anointed minister of the Gospel.  Devoted to the vision of the ministry, he assists with a wide variety of duties. 

Darryl and Pamela are partners together in marriage and ministry. Together they have six children and two grandchildren. 

Together they serve as ambassdors of hope, teaching individuals how to use their faith in the midst of life's challenges. 

They are representatives of the Kingdom of God, connecting individuals to everything God has for their life. Teaching in a manner that makes the Word of God practial and applicable. 

Great things in ministry are never done by one individual. They are done by a team of individuals.

Meet Our Lead Servants

Catherine Keys


Philippa Young

Hospitality  Ministry

Raymond Keys, Sr.


Alisa Jackson

Praise and Worship Ministry

Marques Young

Sound & Media Ministry